Common Differences between iPod 4th Generation and iPod 5th Generation

Before the iPod 5th gen was introduced, there was a long standing silence from Apple’s end in terms of an iOS update for the iPod 4th gen leading many to think that may be the tech giant had abandoned it. Come October 11th 2012, the iPod 5th gen was introduced dissolving every iPod fan’s concerns.

Common Differences Between iPod 4 and iPod 5

Are you thinking of buying an iPod, but can’t decide whether the iPod 4 will be better for you or the iPod 5? Take a look at some of the most common differences in features between the two and decide which of them best suit your desires.

  1. Dimensions – in terms of look and dimensions, the iPod 5 got a significant redesign when compared to its older siblings. The iPod 5 got a bit longer, thinner and broader; 123.4 mm, 6.1 mm and 58.6 mm respectively. iPod 5’s longer look is similar to that of the iPhone 5.
  2. Weight – if iPod 4 was a lightly weighed device, then iPod 5 is positively a feather. The former was a mere 3.57 oz while the iPod 5 is a delicate thing weighing at 3.1 oz.
  3. Display – the iPod 4’s display was 3.5 inches with 326 pixels per inch and a resolution of 960×640. Its resolution was equal to the iPhone 4/4S but made with inferior quality materials which created a big difference between the two. As compared to the 4, iPod 5 has a 4 inch screen, the same pixel count (326 pixels per inch) but a better resolution of 1136×640, which is the same as iPhone 5, even in terms of quality.
  4. Processor – the 5th generation houses an Apple A5, dual core, 800 MHz chip which was also used in the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. While the iPod 4 is fitted with an Apple A4, single core, 800 MHz chip, making it much slower as compared to iPod 5.
  5. RAM – the iPod 4 had a 256 MB RAM, while the iPod 5 has twice that i.e. 512 MB.
  6. Storage Capacity – both the iPods were released with 2 storage versions – the iPod 4 with a 16GB and 32GB release, while the iPod 5 with a 32GB and 64GB.
  7. Wireless – in terms of wireless connectivity both iPods are the same; no differences here.
  8. Cameras – iPod 4 came with an unflattering VGA front camera and a measly 0.92 MP rear camera. The iPod 5 saw a huge upgrade in this matter; with a 1.2 MP front camera and a 5 MP rear camera. However, another cheaper version of the iPod 5 was released without the rear camera and video recording.
  9. Battery life – the battery life of both the iPods is almost identical with an Audio playback of 40 hours in both and a Video playback of 7 hours in iPod 4 and 8 hours in iPod 5.

Another thing going in favor of iPod 5 is the different colors its available in as compared to the black and slate versions of iPod 4. That being said iPod 5 is, for obvious reasons more costly than iPod 4. So, in the end it comes down to your choice of the features you may desire and your budget.

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