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Popular Repairs

Screen Repair

Scratching your Apple Watch screen is the worst feeling. Sometimes even when we are careful with our devices, accidents may happen. The Apple Watch is very susceptible to accidents because of how we use our hands and arms. We sometimes forget that the watch is there and it’s already too late. At SmartFix, we have become knowledgeable about Apple Watch Repair. We only use quality parts for your Apple Watch repair needs. The price of this repair is usually based on the cost of the available parts.


Is your Apple Watch stuck in a boot loop? Does it show and Apple symbol and turn off? This is a boot-loop common to Apple devices that tells you there is an issue.. Another issue is when device no longer turns on! Smart Fix LV is your go to Apple watch repair specialist. We can diagnose your issue and get your watch back to working condition!

Button and Crown Repair

Are your Apple Watch buttons getting stuck constantly? Or are the buttons not working at all? Is the crown not as smooth as when it was new? You might have some corrosion or dirt that needs to be removed from the casing. In some cases, you might need to have the buttons replaced. Smart Fix can help you with those Apple Watch Repairs.

Battery Repair / Replacement

Is your Apple Watch no longer holding a charge? Did it stop turning on? These could be signs that it needs a new battery. Battery lifetime is around 5-6 years in any device. The Apple Watch is no different. Smart Fix has done battery replacements on Apple Watches before anybody else in Las Vegas. We can get you the highest quality battery for your replacement.

Smart Fix LV offers Reliable Apple Watch Repair


At Smart Fix, we offer a wide assortment of accessories for Apple Watch Series 1 through 8.