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The iPhone Back Glass in Las Vegas

The history: Apple released the iPhone 8 and X and introduced the back glass cover of the newest iPhones. The concept of the backglass allows for greater wifi and cellular connectivity, this is why their biggest competitor Samsung has been using the technology for years. Apple did a great job with the design of the iPhone back glass but didn’t care too much about repairability of the iPhone back glass. Let’s just say someone got a bit too happy with the glue!
The iPhone Back Glass in Las Vegas

iPhone Back Glass Repair in Las Vegas

Since Apple decided that they wanted to make this repair difficult, we at Smart Fix took this a welcomed challenge. At this point in time, we have conquered this challenge by providing this repair service to all iPhone with a Back Glass. How many shops in Las Vegas can do your back glass repair for a great price? Let’s not waste time, at this point in time we are the only iPhone repair shop in Las Vegas, that can offer this to ALL back glass iPhones. We did it again!!

Warranty – Because we use OEM quality parts on our iPhone repairs, we are able to back our repairs with longer warranties than most shops. We are confident in our work, and that is why we back our iPhone back glass repair with the longest warranties available.

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