iPhone and iPad Data Recovery

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When all repair attempts fail, there are still ways to recover your valuable data. Who knows? Maybe your device can still be saved! Let Smart Fix LV give you our evaluation of the device so we can give you the best options for data recovery or repair. Many devices are misdiagnosed by inexperienced repair techs and repair shops. Smart Fix LV has the knowledge and the tools to give you the proper advice when it comes to advanced diagnostics in Las Vegas. We offer solutions to the following issues:
iPhone and iPad Data Recovery

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iPhone Motherboard Repair and Data Recovery

There are many reasons why you may need a professional opinion on your device repair. Some damage on devices is difficult to correct.
Have you taken your device to Apple? Did they just try to sell you a new device? Well, give us a shot before making that choice. We will give you our honest opinion if the device can be recovered.
Did you try to repair your device on your own? Is it not powering on anymore? Did you take it to another repair shop, and when you received it you had other issues? We can help in all of these situations. Call any of our stores or bring your device in so we can give you our diagnosis.
The main reason we see these types of devices:
iPad Motherboard Repair And Data Recovery

iPad Motherboard Repair And Data Recovery

For the same reasons you may need these services as stated for iPhones, we can help with your iPad. iPads are a bit trickier to work with. Having the knowledge and the correct tools will be needed to properly assess and repair device damage and issues.