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What is Soldering?

Soldering is a process in which two or more items (usually metal) are joined together by melting and putting a filler metal (solder) into the joint, the filler metal having a lower melting point than the adjoining metal. Direct from Wikipedia. Smart Fix offers Soldering Services for our Las Vegas residents.


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Who Needs Soldering Services?

Mostly everyone with an electronic device that has failed or is failing. Most of these issues on your device is due to a component failure. These components are made to be non-replaceable. We all know that never stops repair shops from trying to come up with new repairs. That is why about 90% of all failures are now curable by advanced soldering, called micro-soldering. With new equipment and schematics, we are able to pinpoint the exact component that has issues and replace them. Sometimes these components are not very complicated, as in charging ports for laptops, USB and HDMI ports for laptops and devices. These ports usually wear down over time from use. Whats great is that these are now a practical repair for the right repair shop. With the right tools, these repairs are a viable option instead of considering your new life for your device in a junkyard.


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Soldering Repair Availability

There are certain Soldering Repairs that are more difficult than others. All of Apple’s series of devices have a complicated mixture of components soldered to the motherboard. Some of these devices even have daughterboards. It takes expertise and practical knowledge, along with practice on these repairs to become efficient. As a soldering technician, you risk damaging other components or the device altogether. This is why it takes time to master the correct temperature and techniques to tackle such unique jobs. You will find many experts in this field by simply check YouTube.


Tablet or iPad Soldering Services In Las Vegas With Smart Fix

Smart Fix offers Micro-soldering services for many Devices. For example, the iPad charging port repairs require the most delicate procedure. Not all repair stores offer these services. We have invested in the time to learn these repairs, as well as have the proper equipment to help. We offer the following iPad micro-soldering procedures.

  • iPad Charging Port Replacement
  • iPad FPC Connector Replacement
  • iPad Backlight Filter Replacement
  • iPad Touch Filter Replacement
  • iPad Daughterboard Replacement
  • iPad Motherboard Connector Replacement
  • Galaxy Tab charging ports and USB Ports
  • Surface Pro Charging Ports and USB Ports
  • Kindle Charging Ports and USB Ports
  • Any Tablet Charging Port Repair

Phone or iPhone Soldering Services

There are so many phones makes models that each soldering repair is its own adventure. Smart Fix will give you the most viable option for repair in these situations. We will find the most cost-effective repair for your hard earned money. We have seen most of the repairs that people require, and have come up with the best pricing around. We offer the following repairs below.

  • iPhone touch disease repair
  • iPhone backlight repair
  • iPhone charging iC repair
  • iPhone power iC repair
  • iPhone touch iC repair
  • iPhone FPC connector repair
  • iPhone motherboard connector repair
  • Galaxy charging ports

Computer or MacBook Soldering Services

Computers have components attached to the motherboard just like any device. The more complex computers to repair are laptops. Due to the size and nature of the build from factories, these components have to be shrunk in order to save weight and size. These days the more portable the computer is, the more usable it is. Starting with the MacBook and MacBook Air, Apple has these options for students and business travelers. Microsoft took note on this success by Apple and introduced the Surface Series. The Surface book and Surface Pro are now worthy competitors to the portable Apple MacBook series. This doesn’t mean Apple and Microsoft are the only ones introducing new lightweight laptops. Makers such as Samsung, Acer, Dell, HP all have computers to compete in this market. One thing they do share is peripheral ports that are the lifeline of all laptops. The MacBook only has one port, which charges and connects the device to other ports. This makes the one and only port the lifeline for the MacBook. Other older laptops have charging ports that are fragile that can be damaged when pulled abruptly. Same goes for the USB ports they all have. For a while, there were not a lot of options for repair on these devices, but the continuing growth of soldering repair allows repair shops to tackle these jobs. If you have a port that needs repair, bring the device into a Smart Fix location and we will assess the damage and give you a competitive estimate. The soldering repairs we offer are:

  • laptop charging port repair
  • computer usb port repair
  • computer hdmi port repair
  • console usb or hdmi port repair
  • laptop usb port repair
  • laptop hdmi port repair
  • laptop motherboard diagnosis
  • laptop motherboard repair


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