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Expert Tablet Repairs

Smart Fix Las Vegas has the knowledge, expertise, and quality parts to repair your tablet. We can repair tablets of all makes, models, and sizes. Our work is always guaranteed and all new parts are backed by a 1 year warranty. Look no further for your tablet repair needs, Smart Fix LV has your covered!
Expert Tablet Repairs

Increase in Tablet Repair Needs

Being the most portable option for a productivity device, tablets have grown in popularity. At first, we didn’t understand the need for tablets, but as time passed we have managed to make them a daily part of our lives. For some, they have completely replaced the laptop or desktop. Being so abundant, we have run into thousands of different tablet repairs from all manufacturers. Sizes of the tablets have also changed, they have sizes for everyone’s needs. If you’re in need of Tablet Repair in Las Vegas, contact us and we will be here to educate and support you. We will find the best repair solution for your tablet.
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Not All Shops Are As Skilled

Yes, you read that right. Some of these repairs require soldering of the tablet board. 80% of shops do not offer such a service. It takes a skilled & experienced technician to be able to remove an old port and install a new one without damaging the device. We have the best technicians that have been trained to handle these repairs.
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Pride in Our Work

We do our best to make your phone or tablet feel and work like new.

Quality Assurance

Every job we perform is quality checked before it is returned to the customer. And we offer up to a 1 year parts quality guarantee.

Fast Service

Fast and reliable service without the sacrifice of quality. Why should you compromise when you can have it all.

Popular Repairs

Broken Glass Repair

Dropping your tablet is one of the worst feelings, especially when you turn it over and find a big crack down your screen. At SmartFix, we specialize in tablet screen repair. We use only the best quality parts to ensure that your tablet feels and works like new. The price of this repair is based on the cost of the part.

Water Damage

Water Damaged Tablet? No problem, At SmartFix we have one of the highest success rates for water damage tablet restoration. We put your tablet through a day long process which cleans any residue left behind from the initial submergence. To ensure that your tablet can be saved we advise keeping your tablet off after the initial contact and bring it in as soon as possible.

Charging Port Repair

One of the most used portion of a tablet susceptible to wear and tear is the charging port. The charging port is one of the most common fixes that we deal with at SmartFix other than screen repairs. Since this part of your tablet goes through regular use it makes sense that this is a poplar issue to repair.



At Smart Fix we offer a wide assortment of Accessories for all of the popular phone and tablet models such as the iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, Galaxy Tab, and Microsoft Surface.