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EFI Unlock Service Las Vegas

We can help unlock your EFI locked Apple device. EFI or firmware lock is a great way to safeguard your device but is often never used. It is easy to lose or forget your password. If this ever happens, you will then lose the ability to reset your Macbook, iMac, or Mac device. You will no longer be able to access the back-end Hard Drive features and Software re-installs. Smart Fix Las Vegas can help with your EFI unlock. We have the tools and knowledge to unlock your device. The process usually takes a few days to complete and but most times it can be done in one day.
EFI Unlock Service Las Vegas

What Is The Process?

The process starts when you bring your Mac device to us. After that, we will evaluate your Macbook, iMac, or Mac to make sure this model can be unlocked. Once we confirm the unlock is possible we will then give you an estimate for the unlock. Each device has a different level of difficulty which changes the price of the unlock, but like always we at Smart Fix LV will always have a fair price. After the unlock we will test your device and make sure it is in proper working condition if any other repair is needed you will be contacted with a quote! It’s that easy!

Who Can Use This Service?

Well, to make it simple… Anyone can! We all make mistakes and sometimes its hard to figure a way out! We’re just here to help! 🙂
Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Just bring your device in and we will provide the best service possible and unlock your device! If we can’t unlock it, you will not be charged but still, receive the amazing service! Who knows, you might want to sell us your non-working device after all.