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Crypto Mining Hardware Repair

The Cryptocurrency revolution is here! Even though people are still not too familiar with cryptocurrency, the community grows every day.  Cryptocurrency has always been tied with mining, and mining requires hardware. It first started with CPUs & GPUS, but now has grown to full-fledged machines called ASICS. What we know is that no matter what mining hardware is run, they all have the same basic principles. They have power, a motherboard, CPU, ram, and software. Smart Fix would like to offer our services to the crypto mining community to help your mining rig get back to its true potential in your mining farm.

  • No Power Repair
  • Stability Inspection
  • Fan Issues
  • Motherboard Repair
  • Frame Repair or Exchange
  • Software Repair or Updates

No Power Repair

A common occurrence with mining rigs. Whether it be a GPU/CPU rig or an ASIC. It is common for it to no longer power on. These are caused by faults in the system that must be carefully diagnosed and repaired. Sometimes components can be repaired or must be replaced. Doing so requires care and knowledge to not damage the mining rigs further. Smart Fix has the knowledge and the experience to help you with your Crypto mining rig repair.

  • Powers on but turns off
  • Overheats
  • No Power at all
  • System voltages too high
  • The system is unstable


Mining rigs when properly set up are ultra-reliable. You want the reliability so that your rigs are constantly on and working. We can help diagnose your issues with your mining rigs. Sometimes these issues are difficult to pinpoint and that is where we come in! We will assess your farm situation and give you options for repair.

  • Software Diagnostics
  • Hardware Diagnostics
  • Power Diagnostics
  • Stability Diagnostics
  • Efficiency Diagnostics

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