iPhone Repairs

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Broken iPhone? We can Fix it

The iPhone has been one of our most popular phone repairs at Smart Fix.

This is due to two main reasons: The popularity of the iPhone means there is more to fix. Another reason is that they are engineered in a way that makes it nicer to repair specific components.

Less peripherals are attached to the motherboard, so parts can be replaced. These parts are also easier to come by than other phones because of the widespread popularity of the iPhone. Apple uses their own operating system for their phones, which also differentiates it from its competitors.

Screen Repair

Dropping your iPhone 5S is the worst feelings, especially when you turn it over and find a big crack down your screen. At Smart Fix, we specialize in phone screen repairs. We use only the best quality parts to ensure that your phone feels and works like new. The price for iPhone repairs is a fixed cost because of the availability of parts. The newer iPhones have the LCD and touchscreen connected together to create a retina display.

Water Damage

Water Damaged your iPhone 5 after jumping in a Las Vegas pool? No problem! At Smart Fix Las Vegas we have one of the highest success rates for water damage phone restoration. We put your phone through a day long process which cleans any residue left behind from the initial submergence. To ensure that your phone can be saved we advise keeping your phone off after the initial contact and bring it in to any of our three locations in Las Vegas as soon as possible. The longer the wait, the more likely rust will set into the iPhone rendering it useless.

Charging Port

One of the most used portion of the phone susceptible to wear and tear is the charging port. The charging port is one of the most common fixes that we deal with at Smart Fix other than screen repairs. Since this part of the phone goes through daily use it makes sense that this is a poplar issue to repair.

Button Replacement

Button replacement is another common repair that we perform at Smart Fix. We can fix buttons that no longer click as well as reinsert a button that has fallen out of the phone.

We guarantee our Service & Parts

30 days warranty included with most of our repairs


At Smart Fix we offer a wide assortment of Accessories such as Cases and Screen Protectors for the iPhone.

Don't forget to Back up you iPhone

Before bringing an iPhone for repair at any of our Las Vegas Locations, back-up your device to ensure data safety