Using a DIY iPad 4 Repair Kit to Replace Your Broken Screen

Broke your iPad 4 screen? Don’t want to spend hundreds of bucks on the repair? Don’t worry, instead of heading to Apple or hiring a third party repair service, fix it yourself. These days the internet is filled with how-to’s and instructions on repairing a broken screen on tablets with the help of screen repair kits, easily available over the internet as well.

How to Repair a Broken iPad 4 Screen Yourself

Repairing a screen using a screen replacement kit requires a set of very stable hands, so if you are a surgeon then it’s right up your alley! Take a look at these steps for repairing a broken iPad 4 screen using a screen repairing kit:

  1. Sensitive Areas – before starting you should take notice of the areas that you should not disturb even by mistake.
    1. Cellular Antenna – the antenna is placed along the top of the tablet, on both sides of the front camera.
    2. Wi-Fi Antenna – this antenna is placed on the bottom, next to the home button.
    3. The Digitizer Cable – placed near the left on the bottom, you should be very careful when removing and replacing it.
  2. Removing the Screen – the screen in an iPad 4 is held in place with a strong adhesive. You will need a heating gun to melt the adhesive and remove the screen, very slowly, using an opening tool (often shaped like a guitar pick). While prying the screen, make sure that you place the opening tool between the plastic frame and the digitizer. Do it very carefully, so you don’t scrape the LCD in the process.
  3. You will need to break the foam adhesive with the opening tool by gently moving it left and right.
  4. Once you make enough room, insert a pry tool to keep the screen lifted slightly.
  5. Repeat the above steps on the opposite side of the screen. Don’t worry if the screen breaks further in the process just make sure that the screen doesn’t move towards the LCD when it breaks.
  6. Once the screen is loose and completely pried off from the plastic frame, very gently and slowly lift the digitizer, and then cut the digitizer cable carefully with scissors.
  7. Open the 4 screws in each corner holding the LCD in place. Now, slightly raise the LCD and detach the LCD cable with a pry tool. Once the LCD is removed, keep it in a safe and secure place, so that you don’t damage it by mistake.
  8. Remove the old digitizer with the pry tool but make sure that you don’t damage the clasp in the process.
  9. Attach the new digitizer cable into the socket and snap down the clasp.
  10. Place the protective tape of the old digitizer onto the cable.
  11. Reattach the LCD cable and then screw the LCD back into place.
  12. Lastly, carefully place the new digitizer back into place activating the adhesive using the heat gun.

This process is extremely difficult and should not be undertaken if this is your first rodeo. Hiring a repair service will be a better and safer option for you.

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