Troubleshooting to Repair Common iPod Touch 4th Gen Problems

Every smart gadget has problems, it’s a universal truth. There has yet to be a smartphone or tablet or smart watch, any tech for that matter, invented that hasn’t had at least 2-3 problems or malfunctions. Some devices have many more than that, say like the iPod 4th gen.

Troubleshooting 5 Most Common iPod 4th Gen Problems

What makes a good device is the ease to repair or troubleshoot the problems that tend to develop after prolonged usage or sometimes (if you are especially unlucky!) from the moment you break the seal. Whatever may be the case for you, take a look at some of these troubleshooting options for repairing the 5 most common problems users tend to face in 4th gen iPods.

  1. The iPod Refuses to Turn On – before panicking make sure that you have checked the most obvious reasons first: the hold switch is activated or the battery has drained. Once you made sure it’s neither of these two, you are left with two more possibilities a bad logic board or a bad display. If your iPod remains inactive (and the whirring of the hard disk is absent as well) even when plugged into the laptop, it means your logic board has malfunctioned. If you hear the whirring but the screen remains blank, it means your display is bad.
  2. Problem with the Audio – some users complain that sometimes it so happens that there is no sound or the sound is distorted when they plug in speakers or headphones. In this case, as always try they most obvious first: change your headphones or speakers (they might be the ones malfunctioning and not your iPod 4th gen). If that’s not the case, the problem could be a faulty audio output jack. The audio jack can be easily repaired.
  3. The iPod is Sad – if the iPod keeps showing the sad iPod icon, it might hint towards two possible problems: corrupted software or a bad logic board. To get rid of the corrupted software, restore your iPod through iTunes. If that fails, iPod 4th gen can be reset using the hard reset option. If resetting does not solve your problem, then it’s likely caused by a bad logic board, replacing which will resolve the problem.
  4. Pesky Folder Icon – does the pesky folder icon appear whenever you start your iPod? It means that you have a problem with your data or the hard drive. Restoring the iPod will format your hard drive, resolving the problem. In case this does not solve the problem, it probably means that there is a problem either with the hard drive cable or the hard drive itself. Begin with replacing the hard drive cable; if it still doesn’t solve your problem then your only option is replacing the hard drive.
  5. Apple logo doesn’t want to go – if your iPod always opens to the Apple logo or hangs and reboots continuously then it means you have a bad logic board and your only option is replacing it.

Some of these troubleshoots require technical experience. If you are a hardcore DIY-er then by all means arm yourself with tools of your choice and get cracking. Otherwise, it is wiser to hire a third party repair service to do the job for you.

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