How to Repair a Water Damaged iPhone

No matter how careful you are, sometimes fate happens, your hand slips and suddenly your iPhone is taking a bath. You may think your iPhone is now a goner, but there are tricks and tips you can try in an effort to revive your device.

Steps to Repair a Water Damaged iPhone

  1. First things first, get the iPhone out of the water and dry it. Do not plug it in, if it was already plugged in when it took the dip, very carefully take it out. The iPhone will probably freeze and shut down, do not turn it on otherwise it might short circuit and cause irreparable damage to important components.
  2. If in case the phone does not turn itself off, and remains in the sleep mode. It is highly recommended that you leave it in sleep mode and hope that nothing activates it for 48 hours, because if it does, there is a high probability that it will short circuit. However, if you are a popular person, and your phone was not in the airplane mode, it is recommended that you take a chance and shut it down yourself.
  3. If the iPhone was in a case, remove it. Also remove the sim card and leave the hatch open.
  4. Wipe off the excess water on the iPhone and try shaking it as firmly, yet securely, as you can manage to aid the water that seeped into the device to drain out of the sim hatch.
  5. Do not use a hair dryer or other heat based methods to dry off the device, because excessive heat will damage important parts. Use a fan or place it in front of a cooling vent, if available.
  6. One of the most popular methods is submerging the iPhone into uncooked rice. Rice is super absorbent, which is why they will absorb any moisture in the device. Although, there is a drawback; submerging the iPhone in rice may result in dust or rice grains getting stuck in the ports.
  7. A good alternative to rice is silica gel. Gather as many silica gel sachets as you can and surround your iPhone with them. Leave it for 48 hours and it will suck away the moisture from the device.
  8. If you are one of those confident DIYers you can buy a third-party water damage repair kit and use it to dismantle the iPhone and dry it from the inside. However, dismantling will invalidate the phone’s warranty coverage.

If the phone still doesn’t work, you should contact Apple but remember they have internal liquid detectors in all Apple products which is why there is no use in lying and complaining that the phone stopped working on its own.

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