Galaxy S5 – Harder to Disassemble but Easier to Repair a Damaged Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S5 may look like its predecessor, the S4, but that is where all the similarities end. This time around the South Korean giant has completely reengineered its flagship smartphone with a redesigned interior, plenty of hardware upgrades and an entirely new method of dismantling the phone for replacing a damaged or broken screen.

The New Interior of the Galaxy S5

When it comes to new hardware, the Galaxy S5 houses the new Snapdragon 801 SoC, a larger screen than both the S4’s, upgraded battery and cameras and a wicked addition in the form of a fingerprint sensor. In terms of the redesigned interior, there is a new addition in the form of a plate behind the display and front panel assembly. Most of the components, as well as the motherboard, are fixed onto this plate.

7 Steps to Disassembling the Re-engineered S5

With an S4 or an S4 Active, the method of opening the phone was fairly simple – take the back cover off, remove the battery and, finally, remove the plastic sheet held in place by screws to get to the phone’s internal organs. The S5, however, is a completely different creature which has to be opened, very delicately, from the front. Let’s take a look at how to open an S5 in 7 steps:

  1. Remove the battery cover and then the battery.
  2. Remove the cover that protects the connector under the battery.
  3. Detach the connector for the home button.
  4. Use a heating gun, or a hair dryer, to melt the adhesive fixing the S5 display.
  5. After the adhesive has loosened, take several case openers (shaped like guitar picks) and wedge them between the rear housing and the screen.
  6. Using a suction pad, slightly lift the screen from the rear housing and detach the cable connecting the LCD and the digitizer touch screen, with a spudger tool.
  7. Delicately pull the screen assembly off from the rear housing.

And Voila! You have successfully disassembled your Galaxy S5 in an effort to repair your damaged screen. But be warned, unless you are a hard-core DIYer, you should not attempt this, because it will void the Samsung warranty, even if you are on day one of your warranty period.

Difficult to Disassemble but Easier to Repair the Screen

Although the S4 and S4 Active were easier to open and get to the motherboard, getting to the screen was a different story. Since the screens and front panel displays of these phones were glued into the internal frame with a pretty strong adhesive, detaching them was a difficult feat. However, the S5’s new design makes it difficult to disassemble but, easier to get to and detach the screen and the front panel in case a repair is needed.

Even with the ease of access to the screen assembly, it is highly advised to contact Samsung, if the phone is still covered by the warranty or to hire a third party service which specializes in Galaxy S5 repair.

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