How to fix the iPod touch 5th Gen iOS 8 errors

If you are an iDevice user, you probably know firsthand what a letdown the iOS 8 has been. With it causing more problems than solving them, the iOS 8 has been dubbed the most “glitchy” update ever.

Common iOS 8 Problems in iPod touch 5th Gen and their Possible Solutions

Although Apple has been trying to fix these bugs by releasing newer, better versions of the update; users still face several issues. Let’s take a look at some of the issues iOS 8 has caused:

  • Difficult to Download – the first thing users complained about the iOS 8 was that it proved difficult to download. Some users complained that the iPod hung mid download and refuses to continue no matter how many times they try. To overcome this problem, connect the iPod 5 to iTunes with a high speed internet connection. Maintain the battery level over 80% and make sure not to move around or jostle the iPod too much, so as to ensure uninterrupted connection to the computer.
  • Issues with Wi-Fi, Random Reboots and Bluetooth after the Update – if you are among the few who were able to successfully and easily download iOS 8, congratulations but, odds are high you will start facing the other issues caused by the 8 i.e. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection instability and random reboots. A potential fix for this problem lies in resetting all the settings in your iPod 5.
  • Battery Drain – countless users have complained that the battery life of their iPod 5 reduced considerably after they installed iOS 8. Experts recommend resetting the iPod to fix this issue.
  • The iPod becomes Sluggish – incase your iPod becomes sluggish in accepting commands and overall operations; Apple suggests that you install a third party to remove unnecessary files from the iPod.
  • Unresponsive Keyboard – in case your keyboard starts acting up – or fails to do just that – deactivate prediction mode along with any other settings you might have checked. Resetting the keyboard and iCloud settings has also been known to improve keyboard functions.
  • Music Fails to Sync – the most annoying problems of them all is when the music fails to sync with iTunes. Before resetting your iPod, try uninstalling and then reinstalling iTunes onto your computer, don’t simply update it. When reinstalling, that’s when you can choose to download the latest version onto your computer otherwise the problem with the sync might still persist.
  • Issue with iMessage – some users noted that after the update they stopped receiving text messages as well as Facetime calls. Creating a new email and verifying it, solves the problem but if you don’t wish to change your email, then resetting the iPod is your next option.

Some users even report having an unresponsive home button after downloading the update. Different users have been facing different problems with their iPod 5 after the iOS 8 update however downloading the subsequent versions that Apple has been releasing solves some of these problems. If in case you face an issue simple can’t resolve, try hiring a professional third party repair service that also specializes in software repairs.

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