3 Common Galaxy S5 Problems and How to Repair Them

A smartphone without any glitches simply does not exist. Even the best of the best of the best (Men In Black, anyone?) tend to have some pesky, persistent problems or glitches. That being said, the sign of a good smartphone and their “Almighty Maker” is that steps are quickly taken from their end to resolve any persistent glitches that may surface after continued use, as well as the fact that the problems can be fixed after executing some not-so-difficult troubleshooting moves.

3 Common Galaxy S5 Problems and their Solutions

Galaxy S5 is a very elegant and sleek phone, which packs a lot of punch in terms of processing speed and functionality. There have been reports of different problems popping up, just like any other smartphone, but in most cases there is a solution to the problem. Let’s take a look at some of the most common problems faced by Galaxy S5 users:

  1. Battery Woes – Some users complain that their battery drains overnight, while other report that the S5 charges very slowly or simply won’t charge at all.
    • First things first, use the cable and switching adapter that came with the phone. If for some reason you are unable to use the factory adapter, find one that has the same voltage ratings as the one that came with the S5.
    • To conserve battery, switch to GSM Only mode. Turn off the Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth and GPS if you are not using them. Turning off the camera and lowering the screen brightness can go a long way in conserving battery life, as well.
    • Avoid using Android Live Wallpapers; they take up a lot of battery.
    • Recalibrate the battery by completely draining the battery (until the phone is unable to turn on), remove the battery and put it back in after a 5-10 second wait, charge the phone with the original cable and adapter while it’s off, when it shows 100% charged remove the charger – wait for a minute and then put it on recharge until it gets back to 100%, finally turn the phone back on.
  2. Wi-Fi Glitches – many users have complained the Wi-Fi drops the connection when used for an extended period of time. Try some of these options to resolve your problem:
    • Turn your phone and router off and then on again, in an effort to recalibrate your Wi-Fi.
    • Make sure you haven’t set any Wi-Fi restrictions relating to the power save mode.
    • Change the IP setting to Static
    • Make sure the phone is listed by checking S5’s MAC filter
  3. Overheating Problems – some people find that the phone gets extremely warm when used for longer periods of time.
    • Close any unnecessary applications, especially ones with heavier processes
    • If the problem started out of the blue, it probably means an app is the culprit – uninstall it to see if this fixes the problem
    • Check to see if your phone is up to date

If applying these fixes doesn’t solve your phone’s problems then it is better to get in touch with the carrier, the retailer or Samsung to replace or repair your phone.

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