Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair


Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair

The OLED history: The price we pay to have those beautiful OLED screens! Yes the OLED is by far the brightest and most vibrant LCD’s on phones, but they come with a price…a large price. The average repair cost for Samsung S and Note series ranges from $200-$300. Yes, you read that right! Why is that? Because the cost for the part is so high, repair shops have no choice but to charge $200 or more! What about aftermarket options? There are options but the costs remain high because the demand for the product is low, which keeps production low and prices high. Now let’s talk about the Samsung Galaxy glass repair…


Samsung Galaxy LCD & Glass Repair in Las Vegas


Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair


Now that we understand why the prices are so high, we can begin to appreciate the fact that we at Smart Fix are able to offer a lower priced repair! Yes, again and again, we at Smart Fix have offered the lowest prices for these glass only repairs! They began with the iPhone & iPad glass but now have evolved to the Samsung market! The only shop in Las Vegas that offers OEM glass repair on iPhone, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy! Try and find another shop that offers these services! You won’t! We are continually adding newer Samsung Galaxy Repair availability, so just call us to confirm your Galaxy repair.

Warranty – Because we use OEM quality parts on our Samsung repairs, we are able to back our repairs with longer warranties than most shops. We are confident in our work, and that is why we back our Samsung Galaxy LCD & glass repair with the longest warranties available.


Samsung Galaxy models we currently repair glass on:

  • Samsung s7 Edge glass
  • Samsung Galaxy s8 & s8 Plus glass
  • Samsung s9 & s9 Plus glass
  • Samsung Note 8 glass


Get Your Samsung Galaxy Glass Repaired Today! Please Contact Us At Any Of Our 3 Locations And We Promise To Provide The Best Samsung Galaxy Repair Service In Las Vegas!

Samsung Galaxy Glass Removed

Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair
Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair - Glass Removed

Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair - LCD Cleaned

Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair
Samsung Galaxy Glass Repair - LCD Cleaned

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