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Mobile iPhone Repair Las Vegas & Henderson

Smart Fix now offers mobile iPhone repair Las Vegas & Henderson. With a long daily availability, you can easly have your iPhone repaired at home or at your place of work. Our expert technician will come to you and get the job done in 30 minutes or less! We offer LCD & Glass repairs on all iPhone models! We can meet you anywhere in Las Vegas & Henderson!

  • Las Vegas Strip
  • North Las Vegas
  • Summerlin
  • Silverado Ranch
  • Mountains Edge
  • Green Valley
  • Anthem
  • Inspirada

Emergency iPhone Repair After-Hours

You never know when you might need an iPhone repair. If your visiting from out of state and need an emergency repair on the Las Vegas Strip, then set an appoinment! For an additional $50 we will come out and complete your repairs after hours.

Why You Should Get Your iPhone Repaired Immediately!

Sometimes, people will wait until the iPhone screen no longer functions on their phone before repairing it. There are actual dangers of doing this! Things that could go wrong:

Liquid Damage – Even though the iPhone isn’t waterproof, your broken glass makes it easy for moisture or water to find its way in!

Ghost Touching – This is when the Digitizer becomes faulty after a break and tries to unlock your phone! After 10 wrong passcode inputs, you will be permanently locked out of your device, and if it wasn’t backed up…your data is no longer recoverable!

Cuts From Glass – As a repair technican we know the dangers of broken glass, and it only takes one swipe to cut your fingers!

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