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Hardware Repair

Windows Laptops are still the work-horse of the everyday working American. There has been plenty of advances in Laptops now which can allow them to replace their full desktop counterparts in many ways. Since the advancement in tech, the advancement in knowledge to be able to repair them has also risen. Smart Fix LV offers different hardware repairs for Windows Laptops, each catered to what you need. See our popular Windows Laptop repairs on the hardware system below.
Hardware Repair


Windows laptops are amazing machines. Once in a while, something will cause a fault in the system in which a diagnostic is needed. A hardware failure or a software hangup can cause these issues. This is where our diagnostic system comes in. With our experience with Windows Laptops, there aren’t many issues that can stump our team. We have the experience and resources to quickly pinpoint the issues and offer the proper Laptop repair for your device.

Software Repair

Another popular Windows Laptop repair is software repair. Windows OS is the most widely used Operating System out there. This OS is what everyone is familiar with and has become very reliable over the years. Packaged with each Windows laptop, this operating system feels like home to every user. Even with its excellent reliability, it is not without its issues. Sometimes, updates get hung up during installation or a hard drive failure will lead to a non-operating Laptop. This is where we come in and diagnose and repair your software system. Below you’ll find our most common software repairs.

Water Damage Treatment

We all have those oh-darn moments! But, when that oh-darn moment is spilling water on your Laptop, or any other liquid for that matter then this becomes a big issue. Water can get into any area of the Laptop and can cause IC chips, resistors, and filters to short out. A thorough inspection and cleaning are needed to make sure your Laptop doesn’t have future issues. We offer these services for our customers, and even in some cases have brought Laptops back to life with the treatment. Water damage is the worse thing that can happen to an electronic device. Follow the steps below to ensure less damage.
These steps will help reduce damage to your Laptop, but it’s only a matter of time before the liquid finds its way into other components. Bring it in for treatment ASAP!


Sometimes our devices need a boost! That’s where Smart Fix LV comes in offering the best Laptop repair Las Vegas! After a few years, you may notice your Laptop running slower, taking longer to do easy tasks. This can happen over time when the laptop becomes out of date. You may need a ram or hard drive upgrade. You may also need to clean out your Operating System of bloatware or applications that you no longer use. All these things can affect the performance of your laptop! Don’t stress over it and don’t get frustrated! Just bring it in! We will be glad to help.