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iMac & Mac Mini Hardware Repair Las Vegas

Apple iMac & Mac Mini are beautiful pieces of technology. Each is encased in an aluminum enclosure, which gives it a high-end feel and looks. Even the best of the best need to be repaired at times because accidents do happen. Smart Fix LV offers different hardware repairs for iMacs & Mac Mini’s, each catered to what you need. See our popular Apple computer repairs on the hardware system below.

iMac & Mac Mini Hardware Repair

Software Repair

Another popular Apple Computer repair is the software repair. Mac’s OS is one of the most reliable and easy to navigate OS out there. Packaged with each Macintosh, once you’ve used one it’s hard to go back to another Operating System. Even though it’s an easy and reliable OS to use, it doesn’t mean it will never have a hickup. Sometimes, updates get hung up during install or a hard drive failure will lead to a non-operating Apple Computer. This is where we come in and diagnose and repair your software system. Below you’ll find our most common software repairs.


iMacs & Mac Mini’s are ultra reliable machines. Once in a while, something will cause a fault in the system in which a diagnostic is needed. A hardware failure or a software hangup can cause these issues. This is where our diagnostic system comes in. With our experience with Apple Computers, there aren’t many issues that can stump our team. We have the experience and resources to quickly pinpoint the issues and offer the proper iMac & Mac Mini repair for your device.