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Smart Fix has been offering industry-leading phone repair services in Las Vegas for 14 years! Las Vegas Phone repairs have always been our expertise, way before all the other stores were even conceived! Our knowledge of phone repair in Las Vegas is unmatched and will never be matched. We continue to grow as a company, and with it, we continue to grow our knowledge of new technologies. You don’t have to look anywhere else when trying to find a professional and reliable Las Vegas phone repair company.
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We are the only repair shop THAT CAN REFURBISH iPhone, iPad, & Apple Watch Glass + MICRO-SOLDER. People will always try to imitate us but will never be us! Contact us Today! We are always here to help!

Las Vegas Phone Repair & Tech Repair Leader – Tablets / Computers / Watches

Smart Fix isn’t just a Las Vegas Phone Repair Shop! We also offer repairs for your everyday technological device. We have professionals ready to serve and answer your questions. We have the knowledge to get your device back to operating and in new condition. Tablets, such as iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, and Microsoft Surface Pro are all delicate devices. If they fail you, please don’t give up! There is usually a solution to get your device back to operating conditions. Let us help you save time and money! Contact us with questions, or just come in and chat! We love to help our customers.
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Specializing in Las Vegas Phone Repairs & Apple Repairs – iPhone / iPad / iMac / MacBook

Smart Fix has been in the industry for the last 14 years. We have seen all the Apple devices that have been released. We can offer prices that most shops can’t offer. We have OEM parts readily available for most devices. Do you need iPad repair services? Come see us! Do you need MacBook repair? Come see us! Have a question? Just call one of our stores! It’s that easy.
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We Fix All Devices, All Problems

Do you have a device Issue? Well we have a solution!

Why Choose Us For Your Phone / Tablet / Computer Repair?

Glass Only Apple Repairs – iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch

Rarely will there be a shop that can offer both of these glass-only repairs. What is glass-only repair? Well, it’s when we repair the top glass instead of the whole LCD. By doing this we can offer a lower price. These prices will save you 25-30% vs our competitor’s prices. How popular is it? Let’s just say we supply some local shops with parts as well. The iPhone repair and iPad repair processes are meticulous and specialized. We’ve invested the time and the money to research these repairs to gain our edge against the competition and future-proof our business. We are always looking to perfect each iPad repair or iPhone repair by finding new parts and processes.

Save Time and Money on iPhone / Galaxy / iPad Repair

As stated in the previous section, we can offer glass-only repairs for the most popular devices. We can offer Glass only iPad repair, iPhone repair, and Apple Watch repair. Our prices on iPad repair and Apple Watch repair blow away our competition. We keep most of the popular iPad products such as Air 4/5, Pro 11/12.9, and Mini 6 in stock and ready for a one-day turnaround. We also offer Apple Watch glass-only repair for most versions. These repairs are very popular and may be low in stock so contact us before bringing in your device.

Micro-Soldering Services – Advanced Device Repair

It’s 2024, and if you’re not micro-soldering then you are behind in the phone repair industry. Period. Again we invested our time and money to be able to offer these repairs. The devices are getting more complex, and at the same time getting more fragile. Devices have hundreds of filters which are like fuses embedded in the phone. They also have IC chips that control lighting, power, and touch. Any of these can cause a short or failure. How do they fail? They can fail during a drop, overcharging, and when water damage occurs. Another common issue is when connectors in the phones are damaged during the repair process. If your repair store doesn’t have the know-how or the equipment to repair this, then you are out of luck. What’s to keep them from saying that your device is no longer fixable? When in fact it is, but they can’t repair it or will not spend the money to send it to someone who can. There are plenty of reasons to choose us when sending your device for repair, but if I would choose one then this would be it. The ability to further diagnose and repair your iPhone / iPad / Samsung device.

iPhone & iPad Data Recovery Services

Are you in need of data recovery services on an iPhone or iPad? Water damaged? Not powering on? Extremely damaged device? Bring your device in so Smart Fix can help you! We provide consultation on the best route for your data recovery repair. In most cases, we may be able to recover your data and bring your device back to life! We can uncover your photos, videos, text, and contacts! Call any of our locations for more info.

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How Does It Works

Get your device repaired in just three easy steps
Step 1

Tell us your Issue

Help us detailing the device problem to get it working properly again.

Step 2

Get repair estimate

Check the repair Price estimate.

Step 3

Bring or courier device

Handover your device at our office or chooses device pickup, courier and a doorstep service.

Our Advantages

We can Solve your Hardware, Software, and Budget Issues.

Smart Fix Offers Options

Tell us what your budget is and we will work with you. Sometimes we need to stay under a budget so let us know!

We Also Buy The Most Popular Devices:

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Trained Expert Technicians

Rest easy knowing that our technicians are fully certified by us and have repaired thousands of devices before yours!

Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be satisfied with your repair. We promise you'll be happy or your money back!

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We Guarantee Our Service & Parts

1 year warranty included with most of our OEM repairs

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