Most Common Problems with iPod 5th Generation and How to Troubleshoot Them

The full size combined with the video feature makes the 5th generation iPod particularly difficult to troubleshoot but not impossible. Take a look at the following solutions to some of the common problems iPod 5th generation users have complained about.

5 Common iPod 5 Problems and their Solutions

  1. The iPod fails to switch on – done everything and yet you can’t make your iPod 5 to turn on? Try these fixes:
    1. Hold switch activated – it happens to the best of us, we overlook the hold switch and begin to panic. So, just for argument’s sake, check to see if the hold switch isn’t on.
    2. Battery issues – check to see if the battery isn’t drained, plug into an AC adapter or your computer to make sure it’s charging. If it doesn’t show that it’s charging, then there is probably an issue with the battery. Buying a new battery may resolve your problem.
    3. Damaged display – perhaps the display is damaged which is why it seems the iPod isn’t responding. Just to be sure, bring the iPod close to your ear and try to hear the whirring of the hard drive. If you hear the whirring, it means the iPod is working fine and it’s just a matter of a damaged display.
    4. Malfunctioning logic board – if there is no whirring sound, as mentioned previously, a faulty logic board might be the cause. Replace the logic board to solve the problem.
  2. Bad or no audio – can’t hear anything when you plug in your headphones or even when on speaker? Then there is a problem with your audio; try this:
    1. Faulty audio jack – the most probable cause of the problem will be a faulty audio jack, replacing it will do the trick for you.
  3. Sad iPod icon – whenever you turn your iPod on, does it give you the sad iPod icon? Try these troubleshooting options:
    1. Corrupt software – try to restore the iPod, but make sure everything is backed up before that or you will lose all your files. For in depth instructions about software restore, visit Apple’s website.
    2. Damaged or disconnected hard drive cable – there’s a chance a damaged or disconnected hard drive cable is causing this problem. Try reconnecting the cable first and then replacing it, if it doesn’t work.
    3. Faulty hard drive – if replacing the cable doesn’t work and there is still no information being received by the iPod from the hard drive, then there might be an issue with the hard drive itself. Replacing the hard drive will fix your problem.
  4. iPod doesn’t go past the Apple logo on startup – it the iPod freezes on the Apple logo at startup or restarts itself continuously then there is definitely a problem with the logic board, replacing which should resolve your problem.

Some of these steps mention solutions which you might not be able to carry out yourself, which is why it is highly advised to hire a third party iPod 5 repair service if you do not wish to pay an exorbitant amount of money to Apple to do the same.

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