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We Offer Free Data Erasing With All Recycled Devices

Computer Recycling & Data Destruction

Smart Fix offers computer recycling services in Las Vegas. You can drop off your computers at any of our  4 locations. We promise to erase your information from hard drives or destroy it and recycle your computers in an environmentally friendly way!

  • Free Hard Drive Erasing
  • Environmentaly Friendly Recycling
  • We Recycle All Models
  • PC or Mac Computers
  • Tower & Laptop Computers
  • Compact or Mini Computers

Tablet Recycling & Destruction

Tablets took the electoronic world by storm when they were released. With the portability and versatility almost every household has some sort of tablet. Business worldwide also use tablets and have replaced all if not most of their paper counterparts. We encourage you to drop off your tablets for recycling today!

  • We Will Delete or Destroy Your Info From All Tablets
  • We Promise To Recycle Each Device In An Environmentally Friendly Way
  • All Tablets Are Welcome
  • Android or iOS Tablets
  • Windows Tablets
  • We Are Creating A Program To Support Children Of Need And Your Donation Could Be Of Use!

Cell Phone Recycling & Destruction

Just like any computer, your cell phone holds tons of valuable information. Actually, there could be more informaiton on your phone than your computer. With pictures, emails, and apps someone could peek into your whole world just by seeing your phone. Thats why any old phones you might have should be destroyed or properly erased. If you don’t know what to do with your old phone, then bring it in to us and would be more than happy to erase or destroy them for you and then propery dispose of them.


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