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Hardware Repair

Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo are the leaders in gaming technology. Each console presents their own value and strong fanbase. These machines are built for hours of non-stop game play. Each gaming pushing consoles to their limits with thousands of hours of game time. Just like any computer or electronic equipment they are not without their faults. They contain components that resemble a modern computer. These components can fail and when out of warranty, most people have nowhere to go. Most people will also decide to just dump their old consoles and buy new ones. Well, heres some hope for you out there, we at Smart Fix can diagnose and repair your consoles! Thats right. Bring your device in for diagnosis today! Look below for some of the most common repairs on consoles.

  • No Power Repair
  • Red or Yellow Blinking Lights On Xbox & Playstation
  • No Video Out
  • Not Reading Disc
  • Stuck Discs
  • Noisy Hard Drives
  • Noisy Disc Drives
  • LCD Repair On Handheld Devices
  • Controller Repair Or Handheld Device Joystick Repair
  • Failed USB Ports & HDMI Ports

Software Repair

Another popular game console repair is software repair. Console makers have some of the most reliable and easy to navigate OS out there. Packaged with each Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo is their own special Operating System. Even though they are easy and reliable OS to use, it doesn’t mean it will never have a hickup. Sometimes, updates get hung up during install or a hard drive failure will lead to a non-operating game console. This is where we come in and diagnose and repair your software system. Below you’ll find our most common software repairs.

  • OS Re-Installation
  • Software Diagnosis
  • System Updates
  • System Refresh
  • Hard Drive Repair + OS installations


Like previously stated consoles are ultra-reliable machines. Once in a while, something will cause a fault in the system in which a diagnostic is needed. A hardware failure or a software hangup can cause these issues. This is where our diagnostic system comes in. With our experience, there aren’t many that can stump our team. We have the experience and resources to quickly pinpoint the issues and offer the proper game console repair for your device.


Console Upgrades


game console repair las vegas & HendersonConsoles are amazing machines out of the box! But, that doesn’t mean they can’t get any better! The most popular upgrades are SSD’s or solid state drives. Having an SSD in your console will unleash the true power of your console. It will virtually eliminate loading times on games offline or online. The ability of the console to access data is mulitplied and allows games to run smoothly. It also affects download and upload speeds. You’ll be downloading those games in no time! Boot-up times will aslo shrink! What are you waiting for? Upgrade those drives today!

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