Unlocking the HTC Phone

Use of mobile phones is more like a privilege and a symbol of luxury in its days of inception. However with the change of government policies and a move towards increasing the communication link between people as a mark of convenience mobile phones have turned out to be a necessity in the present century. HTC is one such leading manufacturer of featured mobile phones that is more commonly known as smart phones. Unlocking a HTC phone makes available many services that are quite useful on usage on international lands. Further unlocking a phone allows its usage on varied networks and often makes it possible to switch to different operators while travelling to distinct places.

Unlocking the HTC

Unlocking a HTC phone is quite prevalent among the users who wish to make the phone work on a local service network at a place far from domestic network range. The following steps mention the ways for unlocking the HTC phone.

  • Initially it is required to obtain the IMEI number for the phone. This is some sort of registration number that is used for identifying phone while working on a particular network. However one can get the number by dialing *#06# from HTC phone and can easily obtain the IMEI number.
  • The next step involves finding the unlock code for a particular phone. This is however works on IMEI number. User needs to enter the IMEI number to obtain the unlock code. Such unlock codes are available from certain code providers that can obtained from Resource section of a phone.
  • Thereafter an user must remove the existing SIM card or replace it with the one from a different subscriber.
  • Once the SIM is replaced turn ON the HTC phone. As it starts the prompt asks for an 8 digit code to unlock the features.
  • Upon entering the unlock code the HTC phone becomes ready to accept the services of any subscriber network. The next step involves replacing the SIM card with the desired one as the phone is now ready to accept any SIM card from service provider of one’s choice and preference.

Things to Note

There are certain carriers who provide the unlock code free of cost. However one can easily obtain the unlock code from requisite customer service providers. Further getting the unlock code can be a bit difficult when one is using a CDMA phone. Such phones do not have SIM cards and thus getting unlock codes for them can be a bit expensive. Thus one can refer to the resource option in one’s HTC phone so that the procedure for obtaining the unlock code can be made easy rather than trying out by oneself thereby increasing trouble and inconvenience.

Unlocking a phone is becoming a necessity as more people are expanding their usage beyond domestic borders. However such a facility makes the phone usable in different places without buying for any alternatives. Thus it saves for the cost and effort at the same time.

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