Apple Computer Repairs

Apple Repairs

Apple computers are very unique because they use their own custom OS (operating system) which helps make the operating system more secure than Windows. Windows allows any publisher to create an application for their operating system. This is the primary reason why Macs obtain less viruses than windows computers. As for hardware, Apple computers are very high quality machines that will get the job done and then some, but they are not necessarily the best computer on the market.

Many Mac Computers have the option to upgrade the hardware of the computer. Apple can also do this but they charge a premium price which often far exceeds the value of the components being installed. At Smart Fix we can upgrade your computer at a much cheaper price for the same or even better hardware. The most common upgrades on Mac Computers are hard drive installations, which require installing a new OS. Also RAM is another common upgrade for Mac Computers.

If you need to reset your computer to factory settings or want to upgrade the current version of your operating system, you can bring your computer in to Smart Fix so we can reinstall the newest version of Mac OS. Sometimes obtaining the right software when first switching over to Mac from PC can be a little tricky. Our technicians will gladly help you make the switch.

Apple products work a little differently than their windows counterpart. This is primarily due to apples operating system which only runs on Apple computers. This operating system can do many of the same things that windows can do but there are occasional application which only runs on the Windows operating system. The best solution for this is install windows on your Mac. That is why we offer bootcamp installation which allows your Mac computer to run both Windows and Mac OS.