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As far as tablets go, iPads are king. Not necessarily because they are the best tablet available rather because it is the most popular tablet. These tablets are a great all around product, as far as repairability though, there is still large room for improvement. The main challenge with repairing an iPad is the removal of the screen on top, which has a strong adhesive around the edges. That is why our most popular repair for iPads are Digitizer (touch screen) and LCD repairs.

Broken Glass Repair

Dropping your phone is the worst feelings, especially when you turn it over and find a big crack down your screen. At SmartFix, we specialize in phone screen repair. We use only the best quality parts to ensure that your phone feels like new. The price of this repair is heavily based on the cost of the part. Many of the newer phones have the LCD and touchscreen connected together to create a more retina like display. These parts typically cost more since we change both the LCD and Touchscreen together to ensure the quality of our repair.

Water Damage

Water Damaged Phone? No problem, At SmartFix we have one of the highest success rates for water damage phone restoration. We put your phone through a day long process which cleans any residue left behind from the initial submergence. To ensure that your phone can be saved we advise keeping your phone off after the initial contact and bring it in as soon as possible. The longer the wait, the more likely rust will set into the phone rendering your phone useless.

Charging Port Repair

One of the most used portion of the phone susceptible to wear and tear is the charging port. The charging port is one of the most common fixes that we deal with at SmartFix other than screen repairs. Since this part of the phone goes through daily use it makes sense that this is a poplar issue to repair.

Button Replacement

Button replacement is another common repair that we perform at SmartFix. We can fix buttons that no longer click as well as reinsert a button that has fallen out of the phone.

We guarantee our Service & Parts

1 Year parts warranty included with most of our repairs

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At Smart Fix we offer a wide assortment of Accessories for all of the popular tablet models such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab, and Microsoft Surface.