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Smart Fix offers the best quality repairs for iPhones in Henderson, NV. We offer OEM quality parts, where most shops use aftermarket only. We offer both because we understand that people want a choice. This is why we back our OEM parts with a lifetime warranty. We’ve been in the industry for 10 Years and understand these repairs better than anyone. We also promise to continue to offer the best quality parts while maintaining the lowest prices possible. This is because we always research new phones repairs, and find the best quality parts available. We repair all models of iPhones as shown below, so please let us help you with your iPhone repair today.

iPhone 8

iPhone Repair

iPhone 8

iPhone Repair

iPhone 6s

iPhone Repair

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iPhone Repair

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iphone repair

iPhone Repair

The iPhone fix has been one of our most prominent phone repairs at Smart Fix Henderson. Smart Fix Henderson is your go-to phone repair shop in Henderson for iPhones.

This is because of two primary reasons: The prominence of the iPhone repair means there a huge number of iPhones in Henderson. Another explanation is that the price to value compared to other phones are much better. An iPhone has significantly more value than different phones. iPhone repair parts are substantially more available than different phones which makes costs for the repair much lower. We fix all the well-known models of iPhones.

Why Repair Your iPhone?

Attempting to sell your iPhone in Henderson? Indeed, join the group. We as a whole realize that there are several iPhones sold each day in the city. You will always be unable to sell your messed up iPhone at a decent price. The main offers you will get are from individuals lowballing you. Fixing your iPhone screen or LCD will get you the best dollar ensured.

iPhones are delicate, period. Our doors opened at Smart Fix 10 Years back in view of broken screens or LCDs on iPhones. Albeit today we can fix pretty much any electronic gadget, a great many iPhones need repair now like never before. Try not to go weeks or months staring at your messed up screen. Give us a chance to bring your iPhone back to new condition with our quality parts. iPhones may have different issues too, such as charging, battery, catches and we can help with those as well!

Pick Us!

For what reason would it be a good idea for you to pick us for your iPhone repair? All things considered, in light of the fact that we care about our items and our clients. We are honest and upfront about our repairs and costs. We will consistently search for the best items to offer our clients while keeping costs low.

It doesn’t make a difference which iPhone you may utilize (iPhone 3g/3gs, iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5/5s, iPhone 5c/SE, iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8Plus / iPhone X| XS | 11 or more. We guarantee that you’ll get the best iPhone repair at the best cost around Henderson. Come in and see us or simply call us. We are glad to respond to any of your inquiries.

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Screen Repair

Dropping your iPhone is the worst feeling, especially when you turn it over and find a big crackdown your screen. At Smart Fix, we specialize in phone screen repairs. We use only the best quality parts to ensure that your phone feels and works like new. The price for iPhone repairs is a fixed cost because of the availability of parts. The newer iPhones have the LCD and touchscreen connected together to create a retina display.

Water Damage

Water Damaged your iPhone after jumping in a Las Vegas pool? No problem! At Smart Fix Las Vegas we have one of the highest success rates for water damage phone restoration. We put your phone through a day-long process which cleans any residue left behind from the initial submergence. To ensure that your phone can be saved we advise keeping your phone off after the initial contact and bring it into any of our locations in Las Vegas & Henderson as soon as possible. The longer the wait, the more likely rust will set into the iPhone rendering it useless.

Charging Port

One of the most used portions of the phone susceptible to wear and tear is the charging port. The charging port is one of the most common fixes that we deal with at Smart Fix other than screen repairs. Since this part of the phone goes through daily use it makes sense that this is a poplar issue to repair.

Button Replacement

Button replacement is another common repair that we perform at Smart Fix. We can fix buttons that no longer click as well as reinsert a button that has fallen out of the phone.

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1 Year warranty included with iPhone Repair and Cell Phone Repairs

iPhone Repair Las Vegas


We love doing iPhone Repair, but you don’t have to come back! At Smart Fix we offer a wide assortment of Accessories such as Cases and Screen Protectors for the iPhone.

Don't forget to Back up your iPhone

Before bringing an iPhone for repair at any of our Locations, back-up your device to ensure data safety

Iphone Repair