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Smart Fix now offers amazingly low priced used iPhones & Refurbished Devices! We stock most Apple products and availability changes daily. Please check this page constantly as our stock will be updated. We carry refurbished or used iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and MacBooks. We also carry some Galaxy Devices when we can.

Why Buy From Us?

We all want a great deal for a device. Craigslist and Offer-up are great options but carry a great risk. There are too many scammers out there who will take your hard earned money without a thought. After the transaction, there is nothing you can do. You will pay for a $600 phone and end up with a $100 brick. Let us explain. Most scammers will sell you a new device, and without the proper checks, they can lock your device and report it stolen, or stop paying for the device while it’s on a payment plan. Why go through all that hassle? Isn’t it also a danger to meet someone you don’t know? Eliminate those risk by buying and selling with us.

Great Prices! Great Warranty!

We will give you a great device at a great price. Most times we will beat craigslist or offer up prices while still carrying a warranty! Yes, we warranty our devices! If you buy a craigslist or offer-up phone and if the device were to fail, what are you to do? Well, our devices carry a 6-month warranty! You are covered!

Our Current Stock Of Devices

Updated 9/8/18


6 32GB SG- Tracfone – $119!
6+ 64GB SG Grade B – AT&T – $195!
6s 16GB SG – Unlocked – $215!
6s+ 16GB SG – GSM Unlocked – $240!
7 32GB MB – Sprint – $305!
7 128GB MB Grade B – Unlocked – $370!
7+ 32GB JB – Unlocked – $399!
7+ 32GB MB – Unlocked – $379!
7+ 128GB JB – GSM Unlocked – $425!
8+ 64GB G – GSM Unlocked – $615!
8+ 256GB S – Unlocked – $775!
X 64GB S – Unlocked – $750!

Samsung Galaxy 

Galaxy Note 8 B – Unlocked – $540!


iPad mini 4 16GB G – $195!
iPad Pro 9.7 32GB G – $320!
iPad Pro 9.7 256GB S – $450!
iPad Pro 9.7 32GB 4G RG – $335!
iPad Pro 10.5 64GB 4G SG + KB – $549

Prices Do Not Include NV Sales Tax

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We Guarantee Our Devices

6 Month Warranty On Most Devices

iPhone Repair


At Smart Fix we offer a wide assortment of Accessories for all of the popular tablet models such as the iPad, Galaxy Tab, and Microsoft Surface.